Within 5 minutes by foot you´ll reach: Within 10-15 minutes you´ll reach:
- the next trams no. 7 and 8 (stop Tannenstr./Goetheinstitut), Liniennetzpläne
- one of the next banks, supermarkets, bakeries, kebaps, fruit dealers, pharmacies, newsagent´s, drugstores etc.
- the cinema Schauburg
- the pubs on Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. (Leonardo, El Martinez, Anton, Bistro Come in, Café Europa - all with good cuisine)
- the Theaterruine St.-Pauli
- the Alaunpark and the Dresdner Heide (50 km² city forest/conservation area)



- the historic city centre by bike or tram
- the Elberadweg by bike or tram
- the Neustadt with its hundreds of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs by foot
- the train station Bahnhof Dresden-Neustadt








Fascinating Dresden!

Old town / historic centre
Local festivals

Dresden is a city full of happy people. That's not surprising because few other places offer quite the same blend of culture, joie de vivre and natural beauty. Unique cultural treasures, world-famous heritage sites such as the Semper Opera, the Zwinger Palace, the Frauenkirche and the Green Vault as well as a lively bustling urban scene and the Elbe with its beautiful embankments and vineyards - these are just a few of the features that bring a smile to the face of Dresden's inhabitants. The dynamism of the city is palpable, something you'll notice as soon as you arrive.

There is no shortage of festive occasions here, as the locals always enjoy a good celebration. Unmissable events include the Bunte Republik Neustadt (mid June), the Elbhangfest (late June), the Filmnächte am Elbufer (late June to late August), the Stadtfest (our very own local gala held right outside our front door every August), the Hechtfest (late August) and also the famous Striezel Market (mid to late December).
Also worth a special mention is the medieval Christmas market held in the Stallhof (Dresdner Stadtschloss stableyard) – simply enchanting ...

Barrier-free exploring

For an informative view of disabled access opportunities in Dresden and surrounding Saxony visit Sachsen-Tour.

Dresden Neustadt - coloured life is within a few minutes' walking distance:

Without doubt, the city's liveliest quarter is “Neustadt”. Don't be misled by the Neustadt ('New Town') designation: we're not talking here about monolithic ranks of grey concrete apartment blocks – on the contrary, the typical architectural style here is 'Gründerzeit' (later 19th century) which lends the urban skyline a certain elegance. The creative 'alternative' lifestyle and the vibrant entertainment and cultural scene (approx 100 bars, pubs, restaurants etc) attract musicians, artists and young talents from all over the world. The jollities reach a climax in mid June with the annual Bunte Republik Neustadt festival that sees 150,000 revellers thronging the streets and being entertained by countless bands and performers.

Some pubs and restaurants:

- Brunch at the Leonardo (Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 24), the Bottom's Up (Martin Luther Straße 31), or the Scheune (Alaunstraße 36 – book far in advance)
- A coffee at Blumenau (Louisenstraße 67), Combo (Louisenstraße 66) or any time of day or night at Café Europa
- A soft ice in Alaun Park (you´ll find it thanks to the the long waiting queue) or a sundae in the Tiki Bar (Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 24 or Görlitzer Str. 21)
- Italian cooking at Pizzeria Toscana (Louisenstrasse 34) or the small bistro Sapori d´Italia (Rothenburger Str. 46)
- a beer in one of the numerous beer gardens, e. g. in Katy´s Garage (Alaunstraße 48) or on Louisenstraße 43
- A beer or wine at the Bottom´s up, the Raskolnikoff (Böhmische Str. 34), the Terrasse am Bischofsplatz (Bischofsweg 2) or very later in the Blue Note (Görlitzer Str. 2) or the Lebowski Bar opposite.

Just walk around the quarter at Louisenstraße – Görlitzer Straße – Alaunstraße – you will DEFINITELY find a bar or restaurant you´ll like. If not (which is almost impossible) – just sit down with the hundreds of people on the window boards – with a drink from the “Late shop” Kecha for example (Rothenburger Str. 31)!

Cultural tips for Dresden-Neustadt

- A good film at the art cinemas Thalia (Görlitzer Str. 6) or Schauburg (Königsbrücker Str. 55)
- Dance away the night at Katy´s Garage (Alaunstraße 48), in Groove Station or Downtown (Katharinenstraße 11 each), the unique Hebedas (Rothenburger Str. 30), in Rosi´s Amüsierlokal (Eschenstraße 11) or the many other hangouts in Strasse E (Werner-Hartmann-Straße)
- theatre at the Kleines Haus (Glacisstraße 28) or the Projekttheater (Louisenstr. 47)

Worried that the choice is simply too great? We know the feeling. But then we check out the scene here:


Tips on disabled access in Dresden Neustadt (and elsewhere) can be found here:

But don't take our word for it. Come and see for yourself!

The surrounding countryside is also stunningly varied

Dresden is even more attractive when you take a look at the remarkable scenery all around. Think castles. There are plenty in Dresden itself as well as in the immediate vicinity. Spectacular examples are the baroque castle of Moritzburg, the Albrechtsburg in Meissen or Schloss Weesenstein.

The Sächsische Schweiz ('Saxon Switzerland') National Park exerts an irresistible charm on thousands of nature lovers, climbers and walkers all year round. As a wheelchair or handbike user, you'll find some useful tips for exploring the National Park here: http://bike-o-matic.netfirms.com.
No visit to Dresden is complete without at least a day trip to the Saxon Switzerland – maybe by Elbe steamer? The Sächsische Dampfschifffahrt is the oldest steam navigation company of its kind in the world.

Schauburg   Schauburg

The Eastern Erzgebirge is an old mining area (Erzgebirge = ore mountains). Well worth a visit is the Bünaustollen Mining Museum in Zinnwald. In the western part of the Erzgebirge, there is a positive plethora of such museums: www.erzgebirge.de. One hour by train or by car and you are there.

To the east of Dresden is the Oberlausitz in the triangular section of land bordering on Poland and the Czech Republic - an unspoilt landscape with unspoilt, friendly people. The scenery around Zittau is a beautiful mix of lakeland and mountains. Try a walk on the mountain “Lausche” in the beautiful village of Walterdorf with it´s hundreds of half-timbered houses or just visit the beautiful mediaval towns of Bautzen or Görlitz.
Lausitz (Lusatia) is also the native land of the Slavonic Sorbs with their unique language and culture.

Dresden is a paradise for fans of narrow-gauge steam railways. The famous Lössnitzdackel still departs on schedule every day. Unfortunately, the Weisseritztalbahn was badly damaged by the floods of 2002 - we're hoping it will soon be restored. In the Zittauer mountains there is a narrow-gauge line on the romantic stretch between Zittau and the health resort of Oybin: www.soeg-zittau.de.

Are you keen on sport? Great! Take your pick of these activities:

- Mountain biking in the Dresdner Heide (nature conservation area directly next to the Neustadt).
- Or long-distance bike rides? A bike tour along the Elberadweg will take you directly to the Sächsische Schweiz, past Schloss Pillnitz and such wonderful towns as Wehlen and Rathen with its famous Felsenbühne theatre.
You can hire bikes at Neustadt railway station, just 12 minutes on foot from the apartment, or from us.
- Inline skating on the asphalt-surfaced Elberadweg (embankment cycle track) and summertime night skating when the city centre is cordoned off to traffic and thousands of skaters parade around the 'Grosser Garten'.
- Jogging in Alaun Park, the Elberadweg or in the Dresdner Heide.

- Canoeing or rafting on the Elbe, e.g. at www.elbe-erleben.de
- Hiking, climbing or caving in the 'Saxon/Bohemian Switzerland' or in Upper Lusatia, for example with SMF-Outdoor. There is an S-Bahn every 30 minutes from Neustadt railway station to Bad Schandau.
- Skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing in the Eastern Erzgebirge are other great options. Though everything here may be on a smaller scale than the Alps, winter sports fans are nonetheless guaranteed fun, for example on the Fichtelberg.
The German/Czech border is just one hour away by car or by rail. You can go cross-country skiing from Zinnwald or enjoy downhill thrills on the pistes at Altenberg, Holzhau, Rehefeld, Geising or Bou??ák (just over the border in the Czech Republic).
The piste at Rugiswalde has been equipped with plastic matting; at Senftenberg (north of Dresden in Niederlausitz) you will find the Snowtropolis indoor skiing centre where you can ski all year round.
Or maybe you prefer to watch? Top events are regularly held at the Altenberg Bobbahn (tobogganing course) - e.g. Stefan Raab's WOK world championships in March 2008.

If you need more information - just ask us! We have many more tips!